System Software Engineer (m/f/d)

We are now looking for an experienced Systems Software Engineer (m/f/x) for our Development team, who is enthusiastic about developing cutting-edge products for Industry 4.0. ​

Thousands of workers love to use ProGlove daily. To finally connect the human worker with the Industrial IoT we need you to push yourself and your team to build the embedded software that makes our vision of smart industrial wearables come true.​

Are you particularly experienced with developing on lower Linux levels? Then you are the person we're waiting for!

Who are we?

We believe in the human worker. Therefore, we build the smallest and lightest wearable barcode scanners in the world and connect the human workforce to the Internet of Things.

We embrace diversity. That is why we employ more than 200 people from more than 30 countries and from all walks of life. We appreciate who you are, and we want you to be a part of ProGlove at our sites in Munich, Chicago, and Belgrade.

How you’ll contribute...

  • As part of a team, you will be responsible for the further technical development of our next-generation connectivity solution.
  • You will be working on the link between our wearable devices, the customer systems, and our own analytics platform.
  • Design, develop and test user-space applications running on low-power computers connecting our BLE-based wireless MARK scanners and other wearables to customer systems over USB and WiFi.
  • Extend the Gateway to securely connect to our analytics platform over industry WiFi networks.
  • Develop a system to anonymize, pre-process and accumulate collected data before forwarding it to our platforms.
  • Maintain and integrate an embedded Linux distribution.
  • Develop drivers for peripherals and integrate security fixes into the system.
  • Set up automated tests from unit to end-to-end tests for all new features.
  • Integrate the tests in a CI environment.
  • Work in an agile, design thinking team - everybody can talk to stakeholders including customers and together we build great products.

You are a great fit if you have...

  • Experience in developing applications for Linux in either a Desktop or an embedded environment.
  • Worked with Linux tools on user-space as well as kernel level (DBus, systemd, NetworkManager, bash/sh scripting, BlueZ)
  • Experience in development with a high-level object-oriented language.
  • Secured internet-connected embedded devices in the past
  • Experience in using tools needed for collaborative working in a team (Git, CI pipelines, JIRA)
  • Experience in using Linux as a development system and daily driver
  • Confident written and verbal communication skills in English

And we're very happy if you have...

  • Experience in Python and async development
  • Configured and compiled a Linux kernel at least once in the past
  • Worked with Bluetooth and industry-level WiFi networks before

Your new environment:

  • Like a Pro: From the very beginning, you will take on responsibility for the demanding tasks of your area with a broad spectrum of creative possibilities and perspectives.
  • Never stop growing: We value innovative spirit, creativity, and commitment. You have the chance to propose, test, and implement your ideas, your newly learned methods, and your skills.
  • Better together: Your colleagues are dynamic and motivated. There is no competitive pressure here, but an honest feedback culture.
  • Purpose: Your daily work makes a difference, be it for our customers or our internal colleagues.

Why work at ProGlove?

Because at ProGlove we work to make YOU successful from day one. It’s as simple as that: no ifs or buts. You will be working jobs that matter to you. And we are passionate about creating a work environment that truly inspires you. Respect, trust, and no politics!

Is it you we´re looking for?

Skip writing cover letters. Tell us about your most passionate personal project, your desired salary, and your earliest possible start date. We are thrilled to get to know you!